Week 7, 2016

Spring Onions -Uncured Walla Walla sweet onions – use within 2 weeks and keep them refrigerated. New Potatoes – Gorgeous fingerling potatoes from our friends Robin & Sarah River of Primitive Pastures. Beets – The Chioggia variety is famous for its charming candy cane stripe on the inside. Cherry Tomatoes … Continue reading

Week 5, 2016

Field Notes Farm CSA Newsletter Week 5: July 12, 2016 Cilantro – This citrus flavored herb is great to chop fresh and top salsa, salads, and summer dishes. Kale – This week you have Polly’s favorite variety Curly Roja. Magenta Romaine Lettuce Head Green Onions Kohlrabi Cucumber Zucchini Sugar Snap … Continue reading

Week 4, 2016

Field Notes Farm CSA Newsletter Week 4: July 5, 2016 Dill – Everyone’s favorite pickling spice! The leaves are great freshly chopped to brighten a dip, dressing or sauce. Kohlrabi – Our favorite variety just happens to be a fantastic purple! This brassica has a nice, juicy crunch with a … Continue reading

Week 3, 2016

Field Notes Farm CSA Newsletter Week 3: June 28, 2016 Green Onions –  A few more weeks of green onions and then we will switch to spring onions. Magenta Romaine Lettuce Head – A crisp and flavorful romaine. Chop off the bottom inch, rinse off the leaves in cold water. … Continue reading