Week 15, 2016

News from Field Notes Farm Cool nights have things slowing down on the farm — including the farmers! All of our alliums – leeks, shallots, garlic, & onions – have been harvested, cured, and sorted out for the remainder of our CSA shares. Acorn and delicata squash will be harvested … Continue reading

Week 13, 2016

My friends know that I do not enjoy discussing the weather. Weather is a phenomenon of continuous change and yet it becomes a prevalent and mundane topic of constant conversation, which shares very little about our fellow human experiences. It’s hot, it’s cold, or it’s beautiful can basically sum up … Continue reading

Week 12, 2016

Policy from Field Notes Farm As a farm that maintains overwhelmingly direct to consumer sales, we have been intrigued by the developing Food Freedom movement. In March 2015, Wyoming signed into law the Food Freedom Act. The act exempts food sales in Wyoming from government inspections, licensing and certification as … Continue reading

Week 11, 2016

News from Field Notes Farm Last Saturday at the farmers market in Appleton it rained and rained. A good showing of loyal and dedicated market-goers showed up in raincoats or with umbrellas. There were barefoot people all over the place and a surprising and pleasant number of smiling faces. Customers … Continue reading

Week 10, 2016

Tunes from the Field It can be idyllic to picture farm work as charming labor tending to the land in the early morning sun with birds and bugs humming along as a farmer cultivates the earth deep in thought of great philosophical musings.. Some days it is certainly like this … Continue reading

Week 9, 2016

News from Field Notes Farm We harvested garlic and have it curing in a hoophouse. Onions come next. Unfortunately this year our onions were hit with a bacteria and/or fungus on the leaves (yet to identify). I am anticipating they may not have the same storage life as last year. … Continue reading

Week 8, 2016

Stories from Field Notes Farm – Wanted: Unused Roomba in need of a good home Growing up, my summer vacations were occupied in the depths of my “design studio” (i.e. our basement’s ping-pong table) with leftover cardboard boxes, scissors, and some glue the prototype of many a useful games and … Continue reading