Example CSA Shares

What is in a share?

The best way for us to answer this question is to give a few examples. The shares will change with the seasonal produce availability on our farm, and this is all part of the fun! You will see the evolution from early season vegetables that thrive in the cool spring weather to our heat-loving tomatoes and beans during the summer. Each box will also include a newsletter with tips & recipes, stories from the farm, and more. Members also get to enjoy occasional artwork from our Farm Artists. More examples are available (with pictures) by exploring past seasons newsletters and our facebook page.

Early Season Share
Carrots (1 bunch)
Green Onion (1 bunch)
Red Russian Kale (¾ lb)
Lettuce Head (2 heads)
Sugar Snap Peas (1 lb)
Dill (2 oz)
Red Radishes (1 bunch)
Spinach (6 oz bag)
Arugula (6 oz bag)

Mid Season Share
Basil (2 oz)
Green Beans (1 lb)
Green Cabbage (1 head)
Cherry Tomatoes (2 pints)
Cucumbers (3-5 pieces)
Ground Cherries (1 pint)
Hot Peppers (3-5 pieces)
Sweet Onions (3-4 pieces)
Bell Peppers (3 pieces)
Yellow Summer Squash (2-3 pieces)
Tomatillo (1 quart)
Slicing Tomatoes (2 lbs)

Late Season Share
Green Beans (1/2 lb)
Savoy Cabbage (1 head)
Baby Lettuce Mix (6 oz bag)
Hot & Spicy Greens Mix (6 oz bag)
Leeks (3 pieces)
Storage Onion (8 pieces)
Carrots (2 lbs)
Butternut Squash (1-2 pieces)
Broccoli (2 lbs)
Sage (1 oz)
Rutabaga (3 pieces)


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