Farm Artists 2015

Farm Artists 2015 — Mathias & Rebecca Reed and Elyse-Krista AnnaMarie Mische

We posted a simple want ad around Appleton, Amherst and Stevens Point (and our website) reading ‘Farm Seeks Artist’. Inspired by the Wormfarm Institute in Reedsburg, Wisconsin and Full Plate Farm in New York, we began discussing the incorporation of local artists as part of our farm community.

We sought proposals for artists willing to work with us across the whole growing season. We were looking for an artist to join us, producing art that gives our members a new way to experience their farm, their vegetables, and Community Supported Agriculture. In exchange for their work, participating artists receive a CSA share from our farm. As the season continues, we will share how the project is developing and the artists’ own stories.

About the Artists

Mathias & Rebecca Reed – A husband/wife duo with roots in rural New England (transplanted to Northeast Wisconsin) share an appreciation for sustainable farming and bringing the community closer to nature. Their proposal described working with Field Notes from June-October to create a short 3-minute film featuring the story of the farm and its farmers. Mathias brings a photographer’s eye and Rebecca contributes music, lighting and interviews. Together, they form a creative team that deeply values telling small businesses’ stories.

Preview Mathias & Rebecca’s prior work here.

ABC Zine, page 1

ABC Zine, page 1

Elyse-Krista AnnaMarie Mische – Driven by love of the outdoors, Elyse’s artistic work highlights activities void of technology and uses a down home touch to show how people spend time with nature. Her proposal described working with Field Notes to create illustrated zines for CSA members featuring the vegetables in their CSA boxes. Beyond the delicious taste of produce, her work will add color to each of the vegetables and their unique role as part of our farm production.

Preview Elyse’s prior work here.

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