Snapshots from across the season.

 Week 15. Zucchini.cucumbers.cherry toms.slicing toms.kale.arugula.bell peppers.picnic peppers.ground cherries.shallots.eggplant.radishes.lettuce mix.dragon beans.basil.&fresh apple cider!  Week 12 ground cherries. Slicing toms. Cherry toms. Onions. Basil. Dill. Cucumbers. zucchini. Tat soi. Hot shot mix. Dragon tongue beans. Picnic peppers. Bell pepper. Shweeeet corn  And the beet goes on... #taproot #freelygrown  Week #9 =Dragon carrots =zucchini=cucumbers=assorted slicers=cherry tomatoes=kohlrabi=basil=green beans=cilantro=NY Early onions=lettuce head + Fireweed from @lin.seed & Sage Chicken from @drawinggirl123456  Week #7. Cucumbers. Zucchini. Sweet corn! Slicing & cherry tomatoes. Carrots. Gold beets. Sage. Spring onions. Green beans. And kale and a romaine head to round out the green scene.  Week 4 Shares. Green onions. Carrots. Turnips. Radishes. Kohlrabi. Magenta & green romaine. Sugar snap Peas. Gemstone miix. Zucchini. Choose your own adventure herb (this one has dill) + a beautiful info/illustration of yarrow by @lin.seed  Never too late to curate Week 2 CSA. Peas..Green beets..gemstone mix..spinach..arugula..radishes..Magenta romaine..butter head lettuce..basil cider vinegar..garlic scapes
 Week 14. Tomatillos. Picnic peppers. Bell pepper. Cherry toms. Slicing toms. Carrots. Ground cherries. Cucumber. Zucchini. Dragon beans. Green beans. Cabernet onions. Dill. Kale. Gemstone mix. Jalapeños from our friends at Moma crow farm  What are you doing this weekend? How about a leisurely ride through the rolling hills of Custer with a pit stop for cider and pizza! #summer ride #OG #pizzapie  Week #10 dragon carrots.zucchini.cucumbers.cherry toms.slicing beans  Week 8. Slicing toms. Cherry toms. Zucchini. Cucumbers. Spring onions. Carrots. Chioggia Beets. Radishes. Green romaine. Kale. Green beans. Basil. #nofilter #funinthesun  Week 6, already! Slicing toms. Cherry toms. Zucchini. Cucumber. Green beans. Carrots. Radishes. Magenta romaine. Cilantro. Kale. Lettuce mix. Fennel. Green onions.  A new blue to dot our 4th farm picnic tomorrow -- currants! #trueblue #staycurrant #foodfreedom
 First of many from the #momsview series....Polly's mom deemed herself farm historian this summer and took the time capture our hard working Friday team in action! Jeff & Michael diligently paced through piles of green onions each week for almost 12 weeks straight! #hatsoffbootson  Week 11 - slicing toms - cherry toms - zucchini - cucumber - sweet corn - green beans - picnic peppers - ground cherries - NY early onions - basil - tat soi - hot shot mix - tomatillos  Colors for dayzzzzz. We have a bounty of summer 's tasty jewels at Appleton, Stevens Point, and Neenah tomorrow. If you can't eat them all now, farmers recommend dehydrating them for winter. #besterina #toms #beets #cherrybaby  Oh snap! They are here. Our team harvested over 200 pounds of green beans this week. Half of that is now chillin' for @farmshed 's Frozen Asset shares, but the rest will be at market tomorrow in Appleton, Stevens Point & Neenah.  Week #5 *carrots*green onions*kale*green romaine*lettuce mix*cucumbers*zucchini*kohlrabi*sugar snap peas*cilantro*fennel*carrot illustration from lori pitcher  Looking to be a beautiful morning in Appleton.

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