Snapshots from across the season.

 Week 6, already! Slicing toms. Cherry toms. Zucchini. Cucumber. Green beans. Carrots. Radishes. Magenta romaine. Cilantro. Kale. Lettuce mix. Fennel. Green onions.  A new blue to dot our 4th farm picnic tomorrow -- currants! #trueblue #staycurrant #foodfreedom  A farmer's treat all week, but especially after market. The humble, radish sandwich. # open face #smørebrød #farmlife  Cheers to summer solstice. A day long enough to remember to oil your much loved, used, and abused work boots. #iwillwalk500miles  CSA Week 1 *radishes*beets*snap peas*arugula*spinach*magenta romaine*butterhead*oregano*green onions* & mother**** apple cider vinegar #osnap #eatyourgreens #csa
 Week #5 *carrots*green onions*kale*green romaine*lettuce mix*cucumbers*zucchini*kohlrabi*sugar snap peas*cilantro*fennel*carrot illustration from lori pitcher  Looking to be a beautiful morning in Appleton.  Veg & vice (aka cider) at market today in Appleton, Stevens Point and Neenah. All the perfect supplies for stir frying burger topping, or the timeless radish sandwich. #eatyourgreens #hardcider  We've been talking about it for years and am soooo glad we got around to doing it - *custom blended salad mix* - for delivery today to @spacoop and @stonearchbrew. Thanks @highmowingorganicseeds for your continued OG seed development work and excellent descriptions! #treatyoself #eatyourgreens #ididitmyway
 Week 4 Shares. Green onions. Carrots. Turnips. Radishes. Kohlrabi. Magenta & green romaine. Sugar snap Peas. Gemstone miix. Zucchini. Choose your own adventure herb (this one has dill) + a beautiful info/illustration of yarrow by @lin.seed  Never too late to curate Week 2 CSA. Peas..Green beets..gemstone mix..spinach..arugula..radishes..Magenta romaine..butter head lettuce..basil cider vinegar..garlic scapes  The big crew is picking peas for market! Come grab a bag at the Appleton, Neenah, and Stevens Point farmers' markets tomorrow! #whatssofunnyboutpeasloveandunderstanding  Dan the Man has your veg here at the Future Neenah Farm Market. #greensgalore #cantstopthebwet

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