Week 10, 2015

Field Notes Farm CSA Newsletter
Week 10: August 18, 2015

week 10Spicy Summer Squash Pickles:  Keep this special creation from Appleton Brine Company in the fridge and enjoy on salads, as a garnish on tacos, or with chips. It is filled with vegetables from our farm that have been lacto-fermented (pickled the old-fashioned way) and carefully combined for an amazing flavor experience!   Warning: Spicy!

Cherry Tomatoes:  Please save and return your wooden pint containers

Slicing Tomatoes: Yes, the green tomato in your share this week is ripe!  It is an heirloom variety called green zebra, great for eating raw on salads and sandwiches.  We love the fresh, mild, citrus flavor.

Ground Cherries: Peel away the paper husk and enjoy their sweet-tart flavor!

Cucumbers:  Try a cucumber to replace some liquid in your smoothie. Peel and seed first.

Patty Pan Squash:  Use as you would a zucchini or yellow squash – no need to peel!

Carrots:  Separate from greens immediately and refrigerate in a plastic bag for best storage.

Red Onions:  We harvested all of our red onions this week in preparation for storage.  They are now hanging in bunches in one of our hoophouses, curing for long-term storage.


Kohlrabi:  Round, light green, knobby vegetable in the broccoli family.  Snack on lightly salted slices or employ kohlrabi in your favorite salad or slaw.

Pepper:  Green peppers in a variety of colors (green, purple, or yellow).

News from Field Notes Farm:

We harvested hundreds of pounds of onions and shallots this week and have started to hang them in bunches inside one of our high tunnels.  Once they have dried and cured (about two weeks from now) we will trim them and put them away for long term storage into the cooler months. The smaller onions will not store as well so we are giving them to you right away. Expect larger well cured onions in the months to come. Some of the shallots we harvested are the biggest we have ever seen!

Early blight has hit the tomatoes outside and in two of our tunnels. Some of the plants are still producing well but most of our heirloom varieties are taking it hard. Our most productive plants in our first hoophouse are so far unaffected and should produce regularly into the fall, but this means less tomatoes overall. Unfortunately we will not be able to offer canning quantities of tomatoes this season.

The third bean planting should be ready to pick next week. Fall greens are all germinated and getting closer. We may have arugula by next week. Salad mixes, tatsoi, mizuna, arugula, red romaine lettuce heads, and swiss chard are all on their way. The next two weeks we will harvest our summer leeks and you can look forward to winter leeks in October. This week we plan to seed a few extended crops in the high tunnels. For those of you not yet signed up for our Fall share, we will be sending out information in the next few weeks..

Vegetable Pancakes

This versatile recipe comes from Mark Bittman’s “Food Matters.”  Try it with grated summer squash (patty pan/zucchini/yellow squash), kohlrabi, carrots, beets, onions,, and more!  Great with a mix of different colored veggies.  Serve with plain yogurt and chopped herbs. 

About 1 1/2 pounds (3 cups packed) grated vegetables, peeled first if necessary, and squeezed dry
1/2 small onion, grated; or 4 scallions thinly sliced
1 egg or 2 egg whites, lightly beaten
1/4 cup white or whole wheat flour, more or less
Salt and freshly ground black pepper
Olive or vegetable oil or butter for greasing the pan

Heat the oven to 275°F. Grate the vegetable or vegetables by hand or with the grating disk of a food processor. Mix together the vegetables, onion, egg, and 1/4 cup of the flour. Sprinkle with salt and pepper. Add a little more flour if the mixture isn’t holding together.

Put a little butter or oil in a large skillet or griddle over medium-high heat. When the butter is melted or the oil is hot, drop in spoonfuls of the batter, using a fork to spread the vegetables into an even layer, press down a bit. Work in batches to prevent overcrowding. (Transfer finished pancakes to the oven until all are finished.) Cook, turning once, until nicely browned on both sides, about 5 minutes. Serve hot or at room temperature.

Cucumber and Red Onion Salad
This recipe involves salting and squeezing cucumbers to remove some of their moisture and create a different texture.

2 medium cucumbers
1 small red onion
2 tsp salt
1 tbsp light vinegar, such as rice or white wine vinegar
Olive oil (optional)

Quarter the cucumber and slice thinly (peel first if you wish).  Peel and thinly slice onion.  Place onion and cucumber in a large bowl and toss with salt.  Let sit for 45 minutes.

Rinse cucumber/onion mixture (I used my mesh strainer to do this) and taste.  If it is too salty, rinse again.  Press veggie mixture lightly with a clean towel or paper towel to remove excess moisture.  Transfer to a bowl and stir in the vinegar. Add a splash of olive oil if you wish for a little added flavor.  Garnish with any chopped fresh herbs (basil, dill, parsley, mint) that you happen to have around, or enjoy plain!

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